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That’s why we’ve created a structured sober living environment that is built on love, respect, and dignity. Sober College is a drug, alcohol and substance abuse rehabilitation center specializing in recovery programs for teens and young adults. sober living blog Follow this blog to gain knowledge from professionals and families about drug and alcohol problems in young adults. We are excited to introduce to you our Las Vegas & Henderson, Nevada sober living homes and addiction recovery services.

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This blog has documented my () sobriety journey since I quit drinking November 30th, 20 without AA. Boozemusings blog and BOOM, Private, Anonymous, Community Forum.

Check Out 7 of Our Favorite Female Sober Bloggers in Recovery

Find our public posts on Boozemusings as well as in the FIX, Huffington Post and our Medium blog. I started Sober Catholic back in 2007 after I had unsuccessfully searched all over for a blog or discussion site that focused on alcoholism and sobriety/recovery from a Catholic perspective.

  • I’m confident I could provide a long list of excuses why I haven’t started until now, but does that even really matter?
  • Visit our photo gallery to take a virtual tour of our beautiful home in Dallas, Texas.
  • With the COVID-19 pandemic happening, it means recovery from drug or alcohol addiction involves increased isolation and decreased fellowship & support.
  • Alcohol use disorder can have long-term, life threatening effects if left untreated.
  • Sober since 1994, Gavin has taken his experiences and written about them in this blog.

Opening a sober living home in New York is a great way to get started in the behavioral health industry. Over 12% of the population meets the clinical criteria for SUD in New York.

The Sober Sweat – Happy, Joyous, and Free Holidays!

But having a plan as we walk into these holiday events is imperative to stay on track with… New Jersey issues a Class F license for what they call “Cooperative Sober Living Residences” under regulations originally designed for boarding houses. This placement in the law is awkward for sober living homes because the designation is an add-on to existing regulations.

Collegiate recovery programs gain traction on campus – Inside Higher Ed

Collegiate recovery programs gain traction on campus.

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